SP Beeselaar Attorneys participated in this year’s Tekkie Tax on 29 May 2015. More about. Here’s a little more about Tekkie Tax; Do you want to make the world a better place, do you want to address the need out there? This is the way to contribute: Become one of our Friends!

  1. Get permission from your boss to participate in National Tekkie Tax Day by wearing a pair of tekkies to work on Friday 29 May 2015. If you are the boss – sjoe I like this – then give yourself permission to do something good!
  2. Choose your sticker (R10 donation each). You can also order stickers and promotional material via this website. Choose a beneficiary sector/s close to your heart or get one of each!! Ensure that each of your colleagues has one – there is even a baby sticker to stick on your cell phone – how cool is THAT?

Visit Tekkie Tax on www.tekkietax.co.za