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People lacking mental capacity are unable to make decisions on their own with regards to their welfare and financial affairs. In the elderly, we often find that they are financially abused by either friends or family members who previously had a power of attorney to...

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Gesinsgeweld Interdikte

Dit is absoluut skrikwekkend hoeveel huishoudings gaan onder een of ander tipe geweld van soorte gebukkend. Die Gesinsgeweld Wet van 1998 maak voorsiening dat enige party wat in dieselfde woning woonagtig is die hof kan nader vir ‘n gesinsgeweld interdik. Dit sluit...

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How To Do Business In Other Countries

Legal expert Sunel Beeselaar practises as an attorney, mediator and facilitator, with a special interest in alternative dispute resolution, particularly in collaborative law, family law and commercial mediations. In just eight years, SP Beeselaar Attorneys has...

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